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  • Community Advisory Committee

    The Community Advisory Committee was made up of interested members of the community and representatives of local organizations. This committee provided input to and monitored the study process, helping to make it open and transparent from the get go. Committee members also provided the study team with community perspectives on all aspects of the Human Health Risk Assessment and the Evaluation of Exposure studies.  Click here to read the Terms of Reference for the Community Liaison Committee.

    Members of the Community Advisory Committee included:

    • Don Aasen, Town of Creighton
    • Bob Smith, Creighton School Division
    • Ian Cooper, Hudbay
    • Bev Hill, Norman RHA
    • Cheryl Hordal, Member of the Community
    • Tom Lindsey, USW
    • Charlene Logan, Member of the Community
    • Barb Lyons, Member of the Community
    • Christa McIntyre, Healthy Flin Flon
    • Deb Odegaard, Flin Flon & District Environment Council
    • Dave Price, Green Project
    • Bill Pauley, Flin Flon School Division
    • Bill Hanson, City of Flin Flon

    Throughout the Flin Flon Soil Study, the Community Advisory Committee was a liaison between the company, the technical and regulatory authorities and the community. The Committee provided on-going opportunities for members of the community to discuss scientific or technical matters and process or procedural issues with the project team.