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  • Actions Taken

    Overall the findings from the Human Health Risk Assessment and 2009 Exposure studies were reassuring, but some low level risks were identified from lead.  Although the studies concluded that the likelihood of adverse health effects among Flin Flon area residents from exposure to the metals evaluated was negligible to low, recommendations were made to take action to reduce children’s exposure to lead. In 2010, a public health awareness campaign was launched to encourage:

    • Parents and children to improve the frequency and quality of hand washing among children;
    • Homeowners and contractors doing renovations to ensure proper training, procedures and clean-up; HEPA vacuums were made available to people to improve clean-up.

    Actions Taken

    Hudbay also did their part.  They:

    • Continued their program of progressive remediation and re-vegetation of the area in and around the Flin Flon Metallurgical Complex;
    • Sustained their efforts to operate in a way that minimizes dust emissions; and
    • Advanced other environmental improvements within its operations, like paving in-plant roads and upgrading material handling practices to help improve ambient air quality.