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  • Peer Review Panel

    The study methodology and results were rigorously review by an Independent Expert Review Panel. This Panel was made up of eight leading North American scientists from government, industry and academia with expertise in:

    • Multi-pathway risk assessment;
    • Environmental fate, human toxicology and epidemiology;
    • Biomonitoring studies;
    • Exposure assessment and pathway modelling;
    • Bioavailability and bioaccessibility of metals from soils;
    • Sampling and analysis for metals in diverse media;
    • Evaluation of human health hazards of soils and dust;
    • Derivation of Soil Trigger Concentrations (STC) and soil preliminary remediation goals (PRG); and,
    • Uncertainty and sensitivity analyses.

    Panel members were also very familiar with Canadian and U.S. guidance and methodologies for multimedia risk assessments, including Health Canada Contaminated Sites Program, U.S. EPA Superfund Program, and Ontario Ministry of the Environment Guidelines for Contaminated Sites.

    The panel was formed and administered by Toxicology Excellence for Risk Assessment (TERA), an international not-for-profit organization. This review process made sure that the Flin Flon Soils Study was monitored carefully by neutral, independent experts and that the results were scientifically sound and acceptable for regulatory purposes.