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  • Who Conducted The Study?

    Completing the Flin Flon Soil Study (Soil Study) was a collective effort.  Many groups, agencies and individuals worked to ensure that this study was completed in an independent, transparent and scientifically sound manner.

    Intrinsik Environmental Sciences Inc. (Intrinsik) was retained by Hudbay to assess the potential human health risks of exposure to smelter-related metals in soils, air and water in the Flin Flon area. Hudbay chose to have an independent consultant conduct the Flin Flon Soils Study to make sure that study results were unbiased, conclusive and provided reliable and scientifically defensible data.

    The Soil Study was conducted by an assortment of scientific experts, including physicians, environmental scientists, professional clinical staff and trained interviewers, under the oversight of a Technical Advisory Committee and a Community Advisory Committee. Both Advisory Committees helped shape the study design and research methodology, and were involved throughout the process to monitor progress and assist with decision-making at important study milestones.

    The Soil Study also benefited from an independent review by a panel of neutral experts.  An external review of the Evaluation of Exposure Study methodology was also completed to make certain that the Soil Study was conducted in an ethical manner, and that adequate procedures were followed (e.g., adequate notification to study participants was provided).