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  • The Path Forward

    The 2012 blood lead levels measured in the Flin Flon area were significantly lower than those measured in 2009, and the levels were only slightly higher than what may be found in children in other Canadian communities. To help sustain these downward trends, it was recommended that the following activities continue:

    • On-going efforts to reduce the amount of dust produced within the Hudbay’s Flin Flon Metallurgical Complex. This includes paving in-plant roads, upgrading material handling procedures, and re-planting the area in and around the complex.
    • Public outreach and education programs to raise awareness of potential sources of lead and give practical advice on how to reduce exposure. The distribution of resources to encourage proper hand washing, particularly among young children, still continues to be a positive practice in exposure reduction.
    • Measures to raise awareness about limiting exposure to lead; particularly through proper renovation techniques.

    It was also recommended that the Provinces evaluate the need for advisories on the lakes with increased fish mercury concentrations identified in this study.